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Laine had come and folded the paper, creasing my expectations in high school with her life story. Now, with her breath on my shoulder, she folded my life into an airplane and shot it out the window. The vivid imagery makes it so real that I felt I was actually living in it. He was stunning, and irresistible, and a one-way ticket to nowheresville. View all 20 comments. ARC provided by author -I knew this city like a lover, and she'd whisper her secrets to me.

Laine Cartwright aka Shuttergirl is a 25 yr. There was a time in her life that he made her feel special. They were friends, 4. They were friends, and had a connection that she hasn't felt since with anyone else. Laine is now known as one of the top Paparazzi's of Hollywood. She is aggressive, and always gets the money shot. She has been taking pictures since she was 17, and aside from her foster brother Tom, her camera is all she has.

She takes pride in being he best in her business. One of the celebrities that always brings in the big bucks for Laine is her old high school crush Michael Greydon. Born to two movie star parents, he is considered Hollywood royalty. Now as a huge movie star himself, he is loved by the public, and the prince of Hollywood. Laine assumes even though she shoots him all the time, that he probably doesn't even recognize the girl from the bleachers all those years ago.

Their careers put them on opposite sides. Michael knows he's supposed to run from her, not want to get close to her, but he finds she gets under his skin, and makes him want more from her. As Michael pursues Laine, she is torn. They come from such different worlds, and she feels like she doesn't fit into his life, yet when they are together there is no place she'd rather be. Michael likes how real Laine is. What you see is what you get. They still share that intense connection, and can't seem to stay away from each other. Laine knows being with Michael would be career suicide, but she wants him so much, she just can't resist him.

He was the boy in the bleachers, the one who worked too hard and cared too much, and I became the girl who could be anything she wanted, the one who was accepted and whose life was about to turn around. I really enjoyed this story about a second chance romance. I loved how different it is from C. It just shows what a talented, versatile writer she is. Whether it's the kinky Jonathan, the bad ass Capo, or the gorgeous movie star Michael, her stories pull you in and captivate you. I wanted to be the one to protect her.

View all 40 comments. Apr 18, S. I must have highlighted more than two thirds of this book with its poetic and illustrative words that just brought this story to three dimensional life!! Her words evoke emotions in me and awaken my senses. I felt like I was the voyeur, the "pap" capturing every detail of this original, gritty and poignant tale.

Laine and Michael, could not be any more different than the dichotomy of a city, such as L. Los Angeles is just as much a character as any other in this tale. Laine is a foster child, having been discarded and unloved most of her life. She meets Michael in high school and their brief encounter has a lasting impact on both their lives.

Michael is a rich kid turn movie-star, Hollywood's Golden Boy with two celebrity parents. You see why this could never work. I ran too fact, broke too many rules, and stayed on the right side of the law by too thin a margin. Catching the world, and me in the tractor beam of his personality. He did have an effect on me. That son of a bitch. He let me hope. But those moments together in high school were lasting and meaningful. When it ended, the consequence was dire for one and numbing for the other. Their reconnecting brings them back to life but also harshly shines the light on the past, on dirty, dark secrets and on just how different they are.

Especially knowing we couldn't last? That he was the opposite side of my coin, always parallel, never meeting but by some chance bending of the universe? Steal from the rich and give to the poor. I had a fantasy of a man who got arrested with me, pleaded innocent, and kissed me on the precinct steps when we made bail. Both trapped under who they think they are or who they are supposed to be and each struggles to fix things or do no further harm. I care about you. Your body, yes, but everything else too. If you're a fan of CD Reiss or love an original, moving contemporary romance, you should read this book.

Guest reviewer for SlutSistas Book Blog. For more reviews and blog posts. View all 48 comments. Jonathan Drazen still remains as one of my top favorite dominant alpha-male and she never disappoints with her sensual reads that are intense yet emotional. While ShutterGirl is a departure from her usual writings and ventures into the contemporary territory, naturally I was a little apprehensive but slowly I found that fear dissipating as I allowed myself to be hypnotised by CD Reiss's poetic writing.

ShutterGirl is a contemporary romance story set in the glitz and glamorous world of Hollywood. Laine Cartwright is a paparazzi who's at the top of the pack, armed with a camera as her weapon of choice. Coming from a rough childhood and being passed from one foster house to another, all she's ever known is to survive. Los Angeles is her battleground and along with her step-brother, they lived on the thrill of chasing the juiciest stories around.

Michael Greydon is America's golden boy and hailing from a family of celebrities, he's a Hollywood-material actor who is on-track with the stardom path set out for him. Always living by the set of rules and staying out of trouble, he tries to avoid being in the center of attention A night where the red velvet ropes drop and the paparazzi behind the camera shows her face, Laine and Michael reunites with each other after being revealed that they were high-school mates but circumstances had left them separated with a lasting impact.

Two individuals from polar opposites background and even after ten years later, they both still find themselves at the extreme ends of this glamorous industry. But they can't deny the attraction There were a number of things I enjoyed about this read and the main highlight for me is being CD Reiss's writing. Now I've only read her SoS series and while her scorching intense scenes took the spotlight for me from that series, I've never really given much emphasis on her writing.

With Shuttergirl instead, I started to notice her elegant writing prose and had me highlighting like crazy across the read. Right down to the nitty gritty deets of the Hollywood scene itself, I found myself latching onto these rich details that made me feel like I was walking down the streets of L. The plot itself was also quite a refreshing one for me being a star-crossed lovers prose done with a different twist.

A paparazzi being romantically linked to renowned actor, that's just calling for a PR disaster. It wasn't insta-love between these two which I appreciated because the author really took the time to lay out a strong foundation for both characters as she merges their past and present quite brilliantly that eventually builds into a really solid story for me. It didn't bother me that for a majority portion of the book, both MCs weren't officially a couple. Also for those of you expecting a handful of steamy scenes like this author usually brings with her erotica genre, consider yourself warned.

You won't be getting any dominant Drazen steamy-filled scenes here but rest assured, the undercurrent of sexual tension between these two was undeniable. Personally that appealed to me because it got me all antsy and dying for more while I continuously root for this couple. However, it did fall short for me when I felt the story dragged at certain places. Sometimes it also felt like some scenes were leading up to something great but it didn't just quite hit the mark.

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Overall Shuttergirl took me by surprise seeing how this is different from CD Reiss's usual work. Her alluring writing took the spotlight and became much more prominent here, not to mention it really fleshed out the character depth which I highly enjoyed. The lack of smut didn't even faze me because I was just invested with these characters and their story. I'm definitely looking forward to CD Reiss writing more contemporary fiction from now on because she can certainly bag this genre alongside her erotica ones. ShutterGirl is a standalone contemporary romance read. ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

View all 58 comments. Even before we had a title or a cover I have been hearing about this secret project. Sometimes with books the hype overshadows the story, that is definitely not that case here. At first glance we see a paparazzi and an entitled celebrity, but we quickly learn there is so much more than meets the eye with these two. Laine Cartwright is a damaged girl, but she is also incredibly strong.

She has risen above everything and strived for success. Michael Greydon is Hollywood royalty and from outward appearances he has lived a charmed life. He attended the best schools, had an material possession money could buy, and could land a job based on his name alone. Even with that he has chosen to work hard and become an expert. Every choice, relationship and decision has been based on his career. While these two have found success in their careers, their personal lives are lacking. Here is when I fell in love.

These two people Michael and Laine, know each other, not just know of each other, but were friends for a moment in time. Can you see why I fell in love? Years later they have a do over and from there I was hooked. Reiss sold me by delivering relatable, but unique characters.

They are not the same people and the timing is so much better, but still there are obstacles in their way. She is the enemy, he is her pay check, but their connection is undeniable. I highly recommend Shuttergirl the writing is beautiful, the story is addictive and the connection is real. I devoured this book, reading it in one day, loving every twist and turn. Reiss outdid herself here, she has proven she can deliver beautifully written stories that are new and fresh. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 50 comments. Laine and Michael knew each other from the past, but life threw them apart for ten years.

When life gets them on the same way again, can they have a second chance or this time their lives are too different? This book started out a little slow and I have to confess that in the beginning I was having some trouble connecting with the story. But I lik 4 Flashing Stars.

But I liked both characters, despite minor annoyances, so I kept going wanting to hear their story. Then, when it picked up it was freaking amazing. I loved their story and how it developed. Clearly, CD Reiss can write pretty much whatever she wants and she will do it always brilliantly. But since it was a standalone, an epilogue had been welcoming. View all 13 comments. It stays with you and lays dormant, sometimes you can forget and sometimes you are given a second chance.

ShutterGirl is a second chance love story. Michael Greydon is Hollywood royalty and Lanie Cartwright is a paparazzi. The two are suppose to be like oil and water- they are not suppose to mix. But they knew each other a long time ago in high school. Fast forward 8 years, Michael and Laine come face to face…….

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Will need and desire and infatuation finally win? Shuttergirl is the courtship of Michael and Laine. While Michael lived the high life, Laine never really had a home or family. Her past can harm his career and Michael knows he should stay away from Laine but she makes him feel alive and normal. I loved the storyline. There was angst and turmoil. I felt the connection between Michael and Laine but I did find some parts of the book to be over descriptive and wordy. I really loved the ending. It put a smile on my face.

I tend to like the overdramatic, over the top actions when they are done in the name of love. I will admit that I was disappointed that there was not an epilogue. I want to believe in the HEA. I find that an epilogue seals the deal for me. The ending was fine, I just wanted more. ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review View all 39 comments. This is a story about first love, second chances, predetermined and redefined futures, ambition, the media and a city. LA, and mostly Hollywood, is a living, vibrant element in the story.

Michael, the hero, 4. Michael, the hero, was a pleasure to watch unravel, try to fix things and take control of his life. The story could have taken various directions. I would love some enemies-to-lovers elements thrown in. Going into this book, I knew that I got to experience the brilliance that is CD Reiss, the level of writing we are used to from her.

But, I know what CDR can deliver with a sex scene and all that precede and follow it. There IS sex and sexual tension, but not so intense and descriptive as I would prefer. But this is just me. This is a Contemporary Romance. Oh, and I absolutely loved those little things, like places and names, that subtly cross-reference to her other stories. She was scared and lonely, sensitive and breakable. View all 46 comments. CD Reiss Release date: May 16, Cliffhanger: No one can dispute she's at the top of her game when it comes to that genre. However, if you're looking for another erotically fueled story in Shuttergirl, you won't find that here.

This is a straight contemporary romance standalone. In fact, the sex content is actually really minimum. But don't let that dissua Title: But don't let that dissuade you. It didn't bother me in the slightest; she still manages to fill the pages with a sensually stimulating heat that encompasses every corner of the story. For me, this book was just as addictive as anything else I've read of hers.

I don't think anyone can wrap their words around every particle of you and grip you like a vise like this author can. The way this woman bound me with her words is pretty miraculous considering the fact that nothing much seems to be pulling me in quite like it used to. The premise is something that had me thoroughly intrigued: The hero is a movie star and the heroine a paparazzi. He's a golden god, a Hollywood actor with Midwestern morals. Michael Greydon was a star, a regular guy inside a body that would shoot across the sky.

She's a hardened woman, a product of a lost soul let loose on the city. She lives and breathes that city because she was raised in the dark alleys and seedy homes of criminals and people with unfulfilled good intentions. And the sum of her life experiences up to this point is survival. She's willing to do whatever it takes to make a dollar and that includes ruthlessly invading any star's privacy and personal business with no remorse. Like fish in a pond, I might admire their grace or color, but in the end, I ate them.

She's not someone who has a soft side, she's prickly and has been beaten down too many times to retain any optimism or desire to escape the career she's landed in. Although she isn't the most likeable of heroines, I found myself really admiring her right from the start. The author easily grabbed my empathy with Laine's boldness and the strength that radiated right off of her. I can get to a mark and get away with the shot faster than any of them, in heels and backward.

I'm prettier, I smell nicer, and I take exactly zero bullshit from celebrities. I don't work for them. I don't kowtow or suck up. If they're in public, their ass is mine. This is a form of a second chance romance. They didn't have a true romantic relationship in their younger years, but there was always an unspoken attraction between them that never got a chance to be exposed. Laine and Michael knew each other as teenagers when she was put in a wealthy family's home for a short time. They went to the same school but they were still on opposite ends of the social scale.

She was an unsociable outsider and he was the son of two Hollywood celebrities. They grew a strange friendship and held secret longings for one another. And when he left, she spiraled into a very dark time in her life. It was really difficult to read what she went through, most especially because she completely derailed her own life just looking for the love and acceptance that was denied her. When they finally reconnect after all those years, the odds are stacked against them more than ever before. Thier reputations and careers leave no room for attempting to pursue a relationship together.

But their attraction is voracious and it can't be ignored no matter how much they try. I was so completely immersed in their dance around each other. In their despair in hoping for more but expecting nothing. You could feel the need pouring off of both of them, the author did an amazing job bringing every emotion to the surface so effortlessly. As much as I loved the freshness of the story, the incredible writing, and the well fleshed out characters, the ending left me needing a little bit more.

There were two main conflicts in this story. One, Laine's past was threatening to come back and not only haunt her, but rip apart everything in it's path. And two, it was reiterated how different their worlds were and how impossible it would be for everyone to accept them as a couple without them losing their careers. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but let's just say that the resolution to how they would continue to thrive in Hollywood as a couple felt very rushed and very abrupt.

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I needed an epilogue badly! I would definitely recommend Shuttergirl to anyone who's read and enjoyed CD Reiss in the past. She's proven without a doubt that she has the skill to pull off any genre she puts her mind to. I can't say enough about her writing, there's something about it that I click with effortlessly and I find that lacking in so many books I attempt to read. I gave it high points for that as well as my complete immersion from beginning to end.

If you haven't added this yet, give it a chance. It was a bumpy ride, but for me, well worth the effort. May 02, C. I can't wait to share Shuttergirl with you! This book is my first contemporary romance. It's hot and steamy, with an intense second-chance love story. It's got all the CD Reissness you have come to expect, without the spankings ; ONE movie star on the cusp of greatness. ONE broken girl who touched him. TEN years to forget her. View all 5 comments.

Apr 26, K. Another great read by C. The flawless writing style you've come to love from her but with a totally different story that true to form, pulls you in, urges you to turn the page and find out what happens next. BUT here's the kicker ShutterGirl is about a second chance at love from the person who saw the real you way back when, even when you couldn't face yourself.

A great read for lovers of the contemporary romance genre. Halfway through, I just wanted this book to be over, so I could move on to the next one. There were good moments but there were few and far between. There were too many inner monologues and not many dialogues. Too much telling and not much showing. I liked the aspect of Hollywood in the book, though and liked that I got to see what it's like to be a paparazzi and a Hollywood actor. Other than that, this was so boring, I was nearly snoring to death It's a case of personal tastes and unfortunately it's just not working for me.

View all 22 comments. Reiss and her unbelievable talent; nothing, I can't explain it the way some can, so I hope this non-review catches your attention ;p For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 28 comments. What can I say about CD Reiss' books. They are so well written. Flawless interwoven story telling and great characters with so much depth. One of my favorite things is her heroines, they are not whiny or Wishy washy.

They are strong , confidant and intelligent women. Laine is no exception to that. Her past isn't perfect, in fact it is flawed, some might say ugly. Michael on the surface is an adorable actor from the perfect family , living the perfect life. Well we know that nothing and nobody is perfect, right?? Laine, a foster child and Michael, hollywood royalty crossed paths in high school.

They had a connection but their lives have taken them on different paths, until Laine becomes a paparazza and she becomes the Hunter and Michael is her prey. This could never work, right? These two are just too different. Well take the journey for yourself. Experience CD's Reiss' Hollywood in the only way she could tell. This is not her usual erotica story, but rather a Contemporary Romance with flawless writing, intelligent dialogue and a great story. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

View all 8 comments. This is an alluring second-chance love story about two completely opposite people who dare to fall in love. Michael Greydon was born into a life of privilege. The son of two famous actors, he grew up Hollywood royalty. Rich, talented, and 4. Rich, talented, and athletically gifted, he had it all. Laine Cartwright grew up a foster child, bouncing from one foster family to another. Insecure, unwanted, and unloved, she had nobody and nothing. Michael and Laine went to the same high school and their paths crossed for a time before circumstances separated them.

Laine aka ShutterGirl has conquered adversity to become a confident, successful paparazzi. When they meet again, Michael is on one side of the velvet rope; Laine is on the other. Are they willing to fight expectations and risk their careers for a chance at happiness? I fell in love with Laine. She is fearless and resilient, loyal and so deserving of love. Michael is just an all-around decent guy — sweet, faithful, a problem fixer, and fiercely protective.

I want to make everything in your world right. Just let me in. Like a different world. The other side of the city. Deep brown and layered in cardamom. It has a swoon worthy ending that reminded me of some of my favorite chic flicks. The only thing that would have made it better would have been an epilogue.

Another winner for CD Reiss! View all 32 comments. You could not expect the kind of book it is with this blurb and IMO it's better this way. As I want others to experience it the way I did, you could guess I won't tell you much about the plot If you've read other books by CD Reiss, you should know ShutterGirl is both very different and very her at the same time.

Different because there is no smut. Yep you read that correctly. There are some very sexy scenes but if you are waiting for her usual you won't have it here. The very first star in this book is probably L. And yet It was like I was back in the game, in my car driving on Mulholland Drive, because CD's writing gets real like that. When you are thinking about L.

The guy is a perfect gentleman, never done anything wrong, always behaving with respect, Laine Cartwright is a girl who's only living for her next best shot. One easier where you have everything and everyone at your feet. One harder where you have to fight against everyone and be better than others. Michael and Laine have a past together. Laine remember it better and she can't seem to let him go even if she stays far from him, once again hidden behind her lens taking shot after shot of the guy she never had, yet wanted so much.

It will take only one night to change everything Michael who's so untouchable with a good reputation will see all crumble. Laine who is very well known and respected will become someone to avoid. What will happen to those two? A world separate them, yet they have a bond, an attraction both can't deny.

I loved the way the author set up the difference between both world but did a tremendous work to make them fit together. Sometimes I lacked a little more connection with their past. I've seen where Laine is coming from but less on Michael part. View all 29 comments. I've been craving a good stand-alone for a while now. Laine Cartwright is a paparazzi and L.

The city itself the only true home she has ever known. After her single mother was sent to prison, Laine was put on the never-ending merry-go-round of foster care. Families changed, friends came and went, but her city is ever constant. Acting is almost his birthright, and an easy career choice to boot. A celebrity and paparazzi could never work… Right? CD Reiss has made L. I am looking for a book with a sub plot of a dad working extra hard to buy his son a coat he wanted, that all the cool kids had.

Poor family, dad not one to show affection. Boy was all excited to wear it to school, Dad was quietly proud. Kids made fun of boy because jacket was a knockoff and he got in a fight over it, I think the coat was torn, he never wore it again, and dad never mentioned it. I've been looking for a children's book that my siblings and I enjoyed around and my brother, eight years my senior also loved.. Grouchy retired sea captain, irritated by a rainbow, captures it, rolls it up and stows it in a hatch in his little home. Neighborhood boy frees the rainbow which unfurls into the sky.

Beautiful and fun water color illustrations. Sea captain sees the error of his ways! I have been looking for a book I read in the nineties written by an American journalist who lived and worked as a reporter in Africa. He wrote about his life in Africa including some funny experiences. I think he worked for The York Times. Some American paper for sure. Thanks I have been trying to find it, but difficult without title or author!

Looking for a book I read in the nineties about an American Journalist living and working in Africa. Cannot remember title or author. Some funny experiences he had in Africa. I think he worked for the New York Times? But was based in Africa. Thank you for helping me! I've been looking for an R rated book, I am an adult, about a woman with two daughters, works at a dentist office, and meets a man with a bad past.

The woman is also battling for custody of her daughters with her cheating ex husband. The book is about a woman with two daughters who works at a dentist, eventually meeting a man with a bad past who moves in next door. She's battling for custody of her daughters with her cheating ex husband. Things escalate with her and the man eventually. R rated book, I am an adult. I believe the series is titled "Class A. He has a pocket sized computer that he runs programs on written in BASIC, I believe and each book had programs you could run on your computer after typing them in.

I remember in one book, The protagonist meets the president, who calls him a "Class Act", and our hero wonders if the President knows what he does on the side. Another adventure has our hero paired up with a dog in a secret base in i believe the Alaskan wilderness. Protagonist goes through a series of emotions like fear, anxiety, etc because an alien ship has landed. Protagonist describes the ship and the creatures coming out of the ship, as having hair "all over their head" - as if that was crazy weird. Big reveal at the end is that the protagonist is an extra-terrestrial and the aliens are humans from Earth.

Really great story on perspective and looking at things egocentrically. And a kid really wants to meet a certain famous hockey player. But, the hockey player just happens to be her ex and father of her son that he knows nothing about I need help finding this book!! But, the hockey player just happens to be her ex and father of her son.. This is a book where the woman works for a company that helps kids with disabilities or illnesses.

And this autistic kid really wants to meet a certain famous hockey player. The hockey player happens to be her Ex and the father of her son. Can some on help me find this book i read it years ago its a young teen book that has a boy that has magic boots that grow with him he doesn't know where he came from all of his past he remembers about his mothers or some family member singing a line to him he starts off as a thief and meets a girl as they run him and the girl fall in love along the way he discovers that he can sing a few lines and make what he wants true but at a cost to him he will lose something as great of the value of what he wants to be done at the end of the book he trades his life for his girl companion but he comes back for he is not human so he is reborn and gets to live with his family that he thought he lost yet he found again Along the way in the middle of the book he a quires a dagger that has a string attached to his wrist that he can throw and pull back and his dagger will come back to him.

There's a fantasy book that my cousin forced me to read when I was younger and I didn't like it because it was confusing but now I want to read it it's about these people or creatures and they live in trees I think and I believe they're forced to go to war I have a memory of a scene where there in like a restaurant in one of the tree like they all live in the trees or like in the forest and they have to go to war and there's like a girl warrior there's a black group of friends and they go on and then I remember there's two brothers and they go to another dimension in one scene and when they come back one of the brothers is completely change then something happened to him like part of him died or something.

Opportunity Knocks at The Door Only Once

And then in the end I think that they come back after all of this and I remember like an engagement between two of the characters. I know this is very vague but I know it's a fantasy book. In this book there is a mexican girl who lives in the USa with her mother. She is made fun if at school and her only friends are two brothers they are twins.

When they grow up she gets pregnant by one of the brothers, and the other one dies. She gives birth to the baby but after a while she leaves cause she can't handle everything. After a year or so she comes back and after a row of events she lives happily ever after woth the father of her child and the love of her life. In this book a city girl quits her job to move to a farm with a man she just met.

Can somebody help me find a book. It starts with a girl trying to find her twin sister in a garrage or some shady place. It is a fantasy paranormal book maybe involves farie world non mages. In this book a girl is surgically given the face of a princess in order to be her double. The mother is leading a rebellion the king kills both mom and real princess thinking that the princess is the double. Two of my favorite children's books Sgthartman you're thinking of the book called Harrison Bergeron.

Can somebody help me find this book? She ends up helping the little girls father find his daughter. The woman and the father end up falling for each other. I think this is romantic suspense. I think I read it yrs ago I dont think it was that old but I'm not sure. When he gets out of prison he looks for his missing sister and finds out that she was involved with some sort of mafia or something similar.

To find and save her he has to work with the mafia people and was forced to blow up a train station. Can somebody pls help me with this?! When I was younger I read this great book that I just remembered and cant get out of my head. It was this book about these two foster girls whos "aunt" who was a hippie had suddenly died in the bathroom one day and the girls had buried her in the backyard and pretended to live on like nothing happened surviving by cleaning rent cabins until they fighr about whether to tell the authorities or not and one of them wants to run away.

Bwessels98 I remember a similar book that I struggle to remember the name of. It sounds like the story you summarized. Strong people were burdened with weights I've tried to find this book by googling small pieces of what I remember but I haven't found it yet. I'm looking for a book that I read when I was about 13 years old I'm 20 now I don't know very much about it, but it was a fiction book about a boy who lives in a government who decides everything for you. Everyone has to take a "medicine" or some sort of vitamin when they go out the door, by laying their hand on some sort of device, then you get a little sting and it detects your blood, so you can't skip your daily vitamins.

He eventually discovers that the drug is doing something to your brain and makes you forget stuff. So he tries to fool the device with an apple where he put his blood on. He stops taking the drugs and his memory becomes clear. He has some sort of girlfriend and convinces her to stop taking the drug too. And if you go against the law by having I think it was "good memories" or something like that, you get the death penalty. I really can't remember any more, I hope someone can help me out!! It starts out with a teenaged girl who falls in love but is torn by the fact that she's is embarrassed by her family and the boy she love's lifestyle.

So once she goes off to college she disconnects from her family and her childhood love and marries a rich boyfriend. Once married the honeymoon phase was really but then he started to change first he would just raise his voice but then it get physical. When she got pregnant she thought thing had changed but was still cautious but one he was just angry hit her so hard she fell and ended up going into labour. Thankfully both the woman and her baby girl were okay but once at home she tried her hardest to shield her daughter from her husband but sometimes it would be so sudden that there was nothing she could do, it got so bad that her daughter would be crying completely silent in fear of her father.

In desperate need for safety for her daughter she devises a plan where she packed up both of their necessities before hand. So when the husband left the mansion she would have had to pretend she's just going shopping and would dress herself and little girl to suit in order to fool the staff and the neighbors. Once out of the neighborhood she raced to father who was the leader of a gang or club of some sort for protection she drove non stop no matter how tired es she got. Only when she was inside the gates was she relieved, she got the car and walked up to her shocked father she passes out leaving her daughter silently crying in the back seat.

I can't remember the rest please help. Please help me find the name of this book. It starts out with a teenage girl who falls in love but is torn by the fact that she's is embarrassed by her family and the boy she love's lifestyle. I think it was her first day of school and she wore her hair in braids with ribbons, and she got new shoes with ribbons, and she had buttons down her jumper.

She may have brought her neighbors cookies at one point in the story. Has a wife and i think a kid. He hoes out to a bar one night and is supposed to bring his wife back ice cream and gets kidnapped or something. The kidnapper know everything about him. Brings him to a abandoned warehouse and then he wakes up in a hospital; however, he is living the what could have been life. A children's book about two sisters an inventor and washing their dresses.

Book about a cancer survivor who read and watched nothing but funny movies and it helped him beat his caner. Anyone know the book about a man with cancer who stays in his home and reads and watches only funny books and movies, and ends up getting better? It's about a girl who goes to live with her aunt and uncle, I think his name is David. He wears velvet and has golden hair.

He's an alcoholic who wind up dying on a stroll through the wood in a creek. I think the main character is studying to become a doctor or maybe a nurse in a country doctor setting. What if you cant remember the title but a Character. I recall reading this book a friend handed me in Boarding school about an Investigator he was heavy set,Balding at the top of his head loved eating dried fruit raisins that's how learnt what raisins were.

The setting was Africa Egypt I think a crime perhaps murder had occurred and he was going to solve it he was great at fighting too man i miss this book but cant remember the author of title. What if you cant remember the title but I recall reading this book a friend handed me in Boarding school about an Investigator he was heavy set,Balding at the top of his head loved eating dried fruit raisins that's how learnt what raisins were. He spared her and eventually takes her back to where his people are on the other side of the mountains. Despite her escape attempts inevitably they fall for one another but he releases her anyway.

Where his people have been hiding from the world is destroyed by an earthquake. Eventually him and her find each other agin. The romantic novel about an Irish man who lost his wife in the ocean tide, leaving him with twin daughters and was given a new bride by the tide from the future. The romantic novel about an Irish man with twin daughters who lost his wife in the storm and got sent a new bride by the tide from the future. A horror story in a small town..

I'm going crazy trying to remember this.. L looking for a historical romance about a woman who falls in love with her husband and he is murdered and his ghost comes back to help her find his killer I think Rose is in the name of the title. I'm trying find the name of the book that I remember being made to read in school along with the movie that goes to it it's about a Native American boy who gets taken from his tribe and put into the one schools they had that was supposed to teach the kids to be American white and I believe he ran away and he ends up with an old guy who is in the rodeo.

The children are named after the cities he was in when they were born. I'm looking for a book where a girl is a freshmen in college and doesn't want to rush but is asked by a girl that needs to meet her quota of recruitment. She shows up and the head sister instantly hates her. Then the main girl gets a job at a bar as a waitress with great tips. His girlfriend had committed suicide but you find out she didnt she was killed by the lead sorority girl.

She was actually killed by a sorority girl who is obsessed with. She tries to do the same to the main girl in the book. The boy and girl go to a hotspring and ride bikes up too it.

Shuttergirl by C.D. Reiss

Any idea was a good book would like to read it again but can't remember anything about the title or author or the peoples names in the book. This girl gets into Harvard at 17 and is very shy. I never got to finish the book to see who she ends up choosing but if anyone could help? The book i need is about a girl who lives in a world where they dont eat real food and the new generation has never even smelt real food.

The girls dad is a programmer. She goes to some convention with a friend on the outskirts of town where she meets a boy in a run down store and he has this device that allows them to smell foods. And hers and his hunger for real food continues to grow. They eventually run away toghther with many people after them. They go to an old friend of his that changes the way tou look and they both get changed and they go in search for the land where they eat the real food and grow crops and eveyrthing like that. Once they are there and are put to work they barley see each other anymore as they are set to diffrent jobs and different times of day.

Please help i am going crazy i lay in bed trying to think of the book name but i can't and it was a reall good book. I'm looking for a book that the girl's husband is the rival from her political, and her husband is entering an election to be the next There's a hint of erotica too. I'm looking for a children's book with fairies of some kind. One of them likes gardening and writes a large book of plants and how to care for them. I remember a plotline where pollen from some rare seed causes them all to sneeze and they make noseclips with scented handkerchiefs.

The book is about a girl whos parents dislike her and so does the youth group from her church for doing something she believed was right, she ends up with a boy for as her partner for a science project, they begin to get along and the project involves studying puppies, he tries to get her into the game of thrones, they end up dating even though she gets grounded. I'm looking for a book about a girl who's parents and her youth group dislike because she did something she thought was right, she ends up with a boy in a science project who seems determined to get the prize they'll win, the project involves studying puppies, during this they hang out more often and he makes her watch game of thrones with him, in the end they kiss in his garage while putting up the pups, they begin to date and she gets grounded but continues to see him.

Looking for a story about a girl who got kidnapped and sold into slavery but there a crow that turns into a guy and helps her. They end up falling in love and getting married. I'm looking for a book I read maybe years ago, it was from the high school library and probably categorised as young adult fiction. It was about this deaf teenage girl who was travelling with her mum to see the grand canyon I think, and on the way they met some strange characters and the young girl kept having dreams in which she could hear.

There was a boy involved who could turn into a wolf and I think in these dreams this wolf would lead her throughout a dreamscape wilderness to find something to defeat some higher power. In the end the girl ended up having been stolen at birth by her "mother" and she finds her true parents and goes to live with them but isn't happy as she obviously has grown up with someone else as her parent.

There's a dramatic standoff at the end where the "mother" threatens to kill herself in a motel? I'm looking for a book I read maybe years ago, it was from my high school library and probably categorised as young adult fiction. I think the girl defeats the higher power in the dream and stops having the dream. I really wanna find out what it was called because it was very good and shed light on the life of a deaf lip-reader.

I'm looking for a book set in Europe, there was a bus accident, one girl was pregnant, she had the baby in a restroom after the accident, and I believe she died. A lady on the bus wrapped the baby and left her on a doorstep, the rest of the book intertwines the life of the baby and a young boy that was on the bus also. I can't remember the name of a book that I read, it was set in Europe as I recall, there was a group of people from a small town that went on an excursion in a bus and they have an accident, some of the group die in the accident, but one young pregnant girl has her baby right after the accident, the baby is delivered by 2 ladies from the group and one lady takes the baby girl and leaves her on a doorstep, the rest of the book is about the intertwining of the lives of the baby girl and a young boy that had also been on the bus.

Im looking for a book i read about 10 years ago. Its about a girl who goes to live with a family member. She goes to viset the kid when shes not allowed to. I'm looking for a book that I read when I was a child. It was a chapter book but it had a few pictures. I believe it was a series but I only had one of them. It was either two sisters or two cousins who solved mysteries. One if the girls had short curly hair, glasses and was kind of an ugly duckling.

Name That Book

The other girl was I think named amy and she had long blonde hair. The other girl was always a little jealous of her. The book I had, they traveled to the woods and there was an island with mystery lights. I'm looking for a children's picture book about a little girl who didn't want to go to sleep because she didn't want to miss anything.

I think she had older siblings in the story. Later in the story, she has a really good dream and didn't want to wake up because she didn't want to miss anything in the dream. She has long braided hair and is also a virgin. I know they can join minds at intimate times too. I'm looking for 2 books I read in prison. The groom gets all the women of the town to make her a wedging quilt from odd pieces of cloth. Anyone knows these books.

I can't remember the names or author. I remember reading a book about a girl who lives in a "perfect world" where the government decides everything for you. The whole place is surrounded by wall panels, in a globe shape. Her job is basically sitting in a chair and clicking any panel that flickers. One day she sees a panel flicker a bit outside of her designated zone, but when she checks it out something happens and she gets a warning. If you get 3 warnings, you are kicked out of the place. Her mother was kicked out of the place a long time ago. She remember that she got one strike because she was on the swings and went too high.

The flickering panel scenario gives her 2 warnings in total. At 18, all of the warnings are removed and you get a second chance. At 18, you also determine your future husband. You're also not allowed to wear white unless you work for the government. She finds her mother's wedding dress and wears it to the place where she will find her new husband, and there's two pictures that flash for her name. Then rebels come and attack the place and grab her but she escapes. I don't remember much after that except she somehow gets out of the utopia and finds out that people live outside the little bubble she's lived her whole live.

She doesn't trust anyone, there are bombs, people die, she goes back into her old bubble home. The master of the whole bubble place comes to her and he's fishy. Her mom is actually alive and she is the master of the rebels. Her mother wants her to take over, she says no, mother goes crazy, and she kills her. The girl is obviously shook and she ends up in a box that messes with her mind and actualizes her nightmares. There a boy involved too, idk how though. I know it's messy and all over the place, but that's what I remember. If anyone knows what this is or if it sounds familiar to you, please let me know!

My email address is randomarmy gmail. I am looking for a book that is about a boy who lives in a small town in Russia. Growing up he hears a story about a monster that leaves people who see it paralyzed. One day someone in the town becomes paralyzed and no one knows why. It started off with the brother gambling and he use the house as a last resort. The man who won is the second son of a duke I believe.

The sister was the head and she was furious when she found out what he did. They had no money and had owe the butcher. After a while he invited his family to the house. He also fell in love with the sister. I am looking for a book that I am sure is out of print. It is about a young Slavic girl who is sent to her Aunt and Uncle and the traditions she learns from her family and young male cousin.

I am looking for a book I am sure is out of print. It is a book about a young Slavic girl who is sent to her Aunt and Uncle for a visit. Upon her visit she learns the traditions of her heritage and has adventures with me make cousin. Looking for this book I read as a 12 year old in the s, I'm guessing the book was late s. They have adventures and coming-of-age experiences such as going to their first party etc. Any thoughts would be much appreciated: I read a short storri in my English lit textbook in and I can't remember the title.

It's about a woman who walks into a butcher's shop and they comment on how out of place she seems because she seems like she would be poor and has a plain face but she's dressed like she keeps herself well and she wasn't dirty like most common people. In her time she really is poor but she uses the door to go back in time to where her money is worth more and that's how she supports her family.

And her husband makes the comment that he doesn't know how she does so much with so little and even though they're poor they don't feel poor because she makes everything seem much bigger than it really is. I'm looking for a vintage board book with a lion that has long hair and the animals thought it was spaghetti. The illustrator uses stuffed animals for the scenes. I had a book circa A new woman enters I read this short story in middle school, I believe, and for the life of me, I cannot find it.

Basically, it was a story about a Caveman tribe, but the main character was a child born with a gimp, or twisted, foot and so was set in a cave to be killed by wolves as a baby but was rescued by an old woman who was slightly outcast from their society. The boy grows up and walks with a crutch most of the time, and decides he will prove himself after being provoked by the tribe hunters saying he will never be able to catch up with them.

So the boy runs off and joins a pack of wolves and learns to hunt through a lot of trial and error in these vicious mountains. He comes back and shows the hunters how to really hunt and it turns out the boy was the son of the leader of the clan. It almost sounds like the new "Alpha" movie. I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a book about a girl who wanders into the forest or woods and comes across this man who says he is waiting on something.

While he is waiting he tells her stories of fairy kingdoms and goblins I believe. In the end when it's time the girl sees a kingdom or another world and discovers that the man was actually the fairy from one of the stories waiting to get back into the fairy kingdom. It's a pretty old book, I would say it was written before Any leads please email yobraniac gmail. Student looking for a book she loved: They have conversations about dying and heaven, and the little girl says she thinks heaven will be full of butterflies.

He promises he will be there for the little girl's death. For some reason, he doesn't end up making it to her death, and her mother becomes very upset that he broke his promise to her daughter. At the end of the movie, he sees butterflies. That's all I can remember but this has been annoying me for years that I can't remember it.

If anyone knows, email me: I have been looking for a book ever since I read it as a young teen. It was about a man who could shape-shift into a monster. At the beginning, he destroys an entire shanty town. There is also either a policeman or FBI agent tracking the monster down. At the end, the protagonist obtains the help of a woman and her daughter, who can also shape-shift. The daughter lures the antagonist onto his boat, then they both transform and sink below the water fighting.

The daughter transformed into something looking a little more like a shark. I thought the book title had something to do with black water, black river, etc. Drives me insane I cannot remember the title. There was this book that I had as a child that I cannot remember the name of. It was a book about the ocean only you opened it on its side and at the bottom had a sound box that you would use throughout the book.

It had an up and down periscope sound, whale songs, a fog horn, etc. The "story" was you exploring the ocean from top to bottom in a submarine and using the sound box to play along and "hear" what was going on around you as you went through the book. I hope someone can help me. If you so have any ideas, please send me an email at: Im looking for a book name its about a guy created a medication to help soldiers deal ptsd but her sold it into the wrong hands it created a zombie like people that wanted to kill but his friend that help him create the medication took his kids to a island that they created a military like base that had kid soldiers.

I'm trying to help my friend find a book she's going insane looking for Okay so it starts off with a girl I think she was blonde on her 16? Birthday right and her friend gets her a laptop. They immediately go onto a dating site and started talking to this dude in the military. Military dude leaves military to see her and he got her a bracelet as a birthday present. He ends up staying at her house because he's scared to go back. But he's staying in a storage room that's connected to her closet and he makes her paper roses out of books she gave him.

They do the nasty. The book ironically talks about how a girl kept a dude in her closet and he ended up dying. Girl comes home from school early and finds him walking around the house naked since nobody is home. Government ends up finding them and ties them up while torturing them. House catches fire and dude saves girl then goes back in to get her bracelet but ends up dying cause burning wood fell on him If you know please email me at ceraliththepyro yahoo. I'm trying to help my friend look for a book that she is going nuts over Okay so it starts off with a girl on her 16th birthday and her friend gets her a laptop.

House catches fire and dude saves girl then goes back in to get her bracelet but ends up dying cause burning wood fell on him She is going insane so if anyone knows email me at ceraliththepyro yahoo. Looking for a book that I read in my sophomore or Jr year of high school. All I can remember is it started in a village that was shot down, but a few escaped including this boy. The book is about a desert I think where people walked for months to safety to escape. I'm pretty sure it took place in Africa and is a non-fiction book.

Actually he became the administrator of the hospital and his book is a series of stories about all of that. He tells us about one client whom rallied in the face of impossible odds again and again and again to reach adulthood. He spoke about having lifelong relationships with his very injured patients. He spoke about fund raising. All the special needs a hospital like his had and how he had to go about getting those needs met. He spoke about being mentored by the previous Administrator not really knowing what he was walking into. He spoke about it being a calling not a job.

At the end of the book was a chapter advising parents on what, where and how to get what they needed for their children should the need arise. An awesome book I lent to my client that was not returned that I need to repurchase so I once again have it in my library. Can any of you out there help me locate this amazing book? I would be so appreciative. I do not know the name of the author, title or publisher. I am so sorry. It is poignant and contains a series of stories of different situations and miraculous clients who survived insurmountable odds. He spoke about seeing every client holistically by looking ahead to where that client might be at age 18 or 25 or He spoke about having a lifelong relationship with each client that stepped through their doors.

He spoke about one client who had horrific medical issues which required inventive surgical interventions. He spoke about his fundraising efforts. About one donor whose child he had helped and how he gave back to the hospital. He spoke about the hospital never having enough funds for what they needed. He spoke about the previous administrator being his mentor. I lent this book to one of my clients and never got it back.

I so appreciate your help in aiding me to find this information out. I can remember much but they get married in the end.. A romance book about a chubby girl who loses her job and a lawyer friend from her book club gets her a job as a live in house keeper with her asshole brother.

She is an army brat I think and she starts to go to the gym at the new place she lives. I looking for a series and idk wats it called. Its got like a group on for special kids. And theres like 3 kids to a room and they experimenting on the kids and theirs a basement and the people do bad things down their and i cant remember much else. Read a short story in about two beings who have struck what appears from descriptions to be a deer on the side of the road.

They are saddened, trying to decide what to do about it, etc. You think it is a husband and wife doing the discussing. Only in the end do you realize it is two aliens discussing striking a human Please help Me find it. Drizzt - the books you're looking for: Rogue Warrior, by Richard Marcinko.

Drizzt - the books you're looking for - Rogue Warrior, author Richard Marcinko. Does anyone remember such a book? I think it was the first in a series of 3 books, but I don't remember the title or author. He does curse and swear a lot. I'm looking for a book i read when i was thirteen-ish years ago. It's about a girl who is in a girl's home, or perhaps a facility of some sort because she ends up having to take undisclosed medication from the staff.

Because the drugs make her drowsy and disoriented, she isn't able to make friends. The other girls are quite nasty to her. The staff are mean too, except one, but she ends up getting married and inviting everyone except the main character to her wedding. There's some abuse and discrimination too. That's all i can remember, accurately, without getting it confused with other books.

I once read a horse book when I was younger, I think it was part of a collection but it was still back in time about a girl in America during colonial times when colonists were forced to House British soldiers soon after the French and Indian war, the girl finds out her brother was involved in the Boston Tea Party and covers for him, but it was mainly about her and her horse.

Please help Emma gmail. Not sure the name of the first book. You should check out the rest of her books if you haven't already. They're pretty formulaic, but she does a good job with word building. The author was ex- military and ran some sort of security outfit both in real life and in his books. His picture is on every book; big black beard and a black ponytail are his biological fieldnotes. The stories were supposedly true about him but hard to say for sure because some of them were so outrageous. What I remember from one of the books he is trying to infiltrate some compound to save some hostages and basically snakes by all the guards and gets in and then blasts his way out.

Seemed to always get the girl in the stories too. These books are pretty badass, whether they are true or inflated, lots of swearing and fun language. If I had to guess a timeframe of these books, I would say the 's, Any help would be great, would love to find these books again. Looking for the title of a book I read a few years ago. What I can remember about the book is the following: A human cocktail waitress at a casino in Las Vegas has to take a bottle of something up to the pent house, after leaving the pent house, she somehow gets to the basement level where she sees someone shifting into a panther or a wolf can't remember the were species and the owner of the casinos body guard takes her back up to the pent house where she is shot three times in the head.

Making her an 'immortal' without knowing she was one. Come to find out she can stabilize and repair portals to other realms and planets. If anyone knows this book can you please let me know, it would be very much appreciated. In the late 70's my favorite book was about a girl and her friends that care for an abandoned horse, found in old stables on a previously grand estate. They took care of his food, water and grooming, all in secret from her family. At the end of the story the mystery is solved as to why this beautiful creature was left. This may have been written in the late 60's.

I cannot recall purchasing thru the schools scholastic program, although that is a possibility too. So it could have been written in the 70's as well. Thanks for any help given. As a child I read a book about a spoiled princess who was sent to live with a peasant family for a year, and had to work alongside them. She learned to be humble and compassionate, and to appreciate true human connections rather than items of luxury.

Wish I could identify that book! This book which title I don't remember is about a woman that was in heaven for "5 years" 5 hours. She visited her parents in heaven, she met John Wesley but most of all, she saw Jesus surrounded by children. Her father was sort of a counselor for people that met Jesus and passed away almost inmediately after being saved.

Name of the book: These 2 kids go to visit their cousin in the Nilgiris, and there they end up going to the forest nearby and meet a sadhu who teaches them all sorts of powers such as talking to animals, and mind control etc, and they all work together to stop an evil politician from experimenting with taking the life force of kids to gain energy. A book about these creatures for lack of a better term who didn't like light and a girl who had to stay in the light to be safe from the creatures.

And to get away from the creatures she followed this string that led her to an attic where there was an old woman making the string That's about all I can remember about it right now. A fae book where the main character is a young girl who gets taken from her home brought to another world and is the rightful princess I can't remember the author or name of book but the cover is like a open field of green with the young girl in the middle Riley the fifth grader.

She eventually leaves him alone after essentially running away with a handsome male ghost. I think the cover was blue and she was blonde in a fancy dress levitating in a window. A beautiful, young lady is seen riding her horse and then tried to kill her future husband she didn't know he was to be her husband yet her future husband is enchanted by her beauty until she tried to kill him. The young lady who the daughter of the king is badly beaten by her father and has most of hair cut almost shaved because of something she had said, I think she refused to marry the man she had never seen or met, or at least that's what she thinks then is tied to a horse and is sent almost dead to the man who she is to marry, her father's enemy.

She doesn't recognise him till she awakes when he greets her and she realises,hes the man she had tried to kill but they both end up falling in love. It is about a girl who is hired as a wealthy businessman's fake girlfriend. The contract says she can't be with any other men so he takes her to this mansion in order for her to "get off. I am looking for a book where a young accountant wins a large sum of money in a lotery or a bet, thanks to the combination that a friend of his told him.

The friend a journalist decides to send his girlfriend to seduce the guy so that they take as much money from the accountant. Lots of things happen. The book also covers the life of a hitmen that ends up killing the journalist's girlfriend as well as the accountant. He had a sick mother probably schizophrenic he cared deeply for. Also the accountant comes to terms with the fact that he was attracted to his friend the journalist.

The title might contain one of the folllowing words: In case you have any idea, the you can contact me at soahwhoami gmail. It was called penguin island by anatole france. Is about a girl who is trapped in ice and the only way to melt her is with fire that is trapped in a necklace which belongs to the daughter of the "evil" person and the necklace is the only thing keeping either the mother or daughter alive so they won't give it to them. This is a long shot. I read a sci-fi short story about aliens that came down to judge Earth. All of earth, not just humanity. All the good and the bad.

I don't remember much about it, it was maybe 15 years ago, but I remember in the end it said something like "They took two dolphins to represent us. They will decide if Earth is worth saving. I've been doing google searches, but I just get dolphin results. I think dolphins are only mentioned once in the last paragraph, but it just stuck with me. Any help is appreciated. It is about an orphaned girl who visits a wealthy woman who was a former actress and plays dress up with her jewelry. The woman dies and leaves her jewelry to the girl.

The jewelry turns out to be very valuable. Treasure hunters try to convince the girl they are her family just to get their hands on the jewelry. In the end she is with her fake family and dives off the ship to escape. All thanks to Dr Larry who did a love spell for me for my ex lover to return home. I will keep sharing this until people who also need help see this for his wonderful help.

You can contact him on his via email assurancesolutionhome gmail. I was just looking for the NAME of the book that i read as a child. I guess years ago. It was about a wolf or fox. But i think a wolf hiking through a forest and mountains going somewhere. I really don't remember much. But i know i loved it. The wold was the storyteller. The cover of the book was white with the drawig of the wolf i guess.

If you know the book pleaaaaseee give me the name: Looking for a book where a guy and woman always sneaks off somewhere and he little by little day by day touches her or kisses her to get her aroused then leaves her. He eventually seduces her after all the day of just getting her aroused and walks off. I believe the front cover is a guy by a tree holding a woman in a red dress.

It's an older book romance seductive book. He said it had very useful info in it like how much a cord of wood was and things like that. Looking for a Sci Fi book from the 60's. It has scenes where humans go crazy called Berserkers-not Saberhagen series and start shooting people on the street.

This happens a number of times in the book although it is not the main story. I read a book a couple of years ago and the details are a bit murky so any help locating this book would be greatly appreciated. The story starts off with a writer who lives in southern France with her husband and daughter. She goes off on assignment to write a cook book and she is accompanied by a male photographer.

At first they don't get along but they eventually start an affair. She is away fro her family for long periods of times and every time she has to return home she's torn because her home life is so chaotic and uneventful but life on the road is fun and exotic. She gets to see different places and have all these grate experiences. She eventually chooses to go back to her family and the affair ends. That's pretty much the gist of it. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. So there's this book that I read in mid elementary which I absolutely adored, but for years now have been unable to find the title of.

So in this book and younger girl I can't remebr her name and her parents live on earth. Her parents are called back to their homeland, and they attempt to tell their daughter about the arrangements and that she is in fact not human. She runs away to deal with this because she doesn't want to return, and hides in her friend's basement. The parents try to look for her, but only have a few days to get on the mothership before it returns.

It's really a wonderful story, and I loved it a lot when I read it, but I cannot remeber the title for the life of me. When in elementary school, I'm in college now I read a series of books about strange happenings. One book was about a sea monster that lived in a cavern, the only way of seeing through the cavern was with the flash from a camera; the narrator said they could hear what sounded like a "wet sack" being dragged on the ground.

In another book, the narrators sister is abducted by aliens and her eyes turn black. There is also mention of a black floating orb in that same story. I believe they all took place in a fictional town called "Fairfield" or something similar to that? There was a book I read in late elementary school I'm in high school now and I remember there were these kids that lived in a small town and they were all friends.

I remember them riding their bikes together and stuff. Anyway they get lost in like a mountainy desert area they might possibly live in arizona and they have to survive. I remember one of them almost died, and everybody back in the town thought they were playing around up in the mountain area???

And all died or something. Don't know the names of the characters just that the female gets wedded off to the man but they've known each other briefly when they were younger he visited her father, in the night she tried to play a trick on him but he caught her and spanked her, she was sore and embarrassed the next day Looking for thesyort about a husband searching the world for wife that left him.

Comes to a small village India? Think it had "Let Her Go" in title. Takes place in 60 or 70's. Looking for a book about a young girl who goes to live with her father who is a pilot. It has to be at least 49 years old. Looking for a book that is at least 40 years old about a girl who goes to live with her dad who I believe is a pilot. I'm looking for a book called switched. It's not the young adult book.

I read it in the late '80s and it's a murder mystery about a serial killer who kills women and switches their heads onto other bodies. I am looking for a book that I read in the late '80s called switched. Not the young adult thing that I keep finding. This one is about a serial killer who kills two women and switches their heads. I am looking for a old book about i believe was a german surgeon and he told stories about his practice and his passion for medicine.

That book led me to be a physician.

The book im looking for is about a grandmother on her deathbed telling her grandson to kill someone from the nazii death camps,. My desciption will be small it wasn't a large book. But if i recall correctly it is about a soilder possibly japanese that wonders into this small village where he meets a beautiful girl. He settles down gets married and have children.

However we the woman is a wolf that has the ability to create illusions. Everything was an illusion from her to the village even there children are all created by illusionary. But if i recall correctly it is about a soilder that wonders into this small village where he meets a beautiful girl.

His dad is not in the picture. Mom is a waitress. The boy gets accepted to a private school where he meets his best friend. The parents own the shipyard. I am looking for about I read between I was a large hard cover fictional romance. About an orphan girl who guardian, her uncle, wanted to marry her off to gain her inheritance early. He had an arrangement with her future husband that she found out about after over hearing a conversation between them. Hurt she runs off to the ship dock. Where she is mistaken for a bed warmer by the crew of an American captain. He unknowingly takes her virginity and takes her to America.

After realizing she is with child he marrys her. And takes her to his castle. He is a Nobelman. That she goes to see against his orders. She upset after he yells at her. And somehow she manages to run away before giving birth. But he realizes he loves her and spends years looking for her. Meanwhile, she make a great life for herself and her son. But she never went after her inheritance due to not wanting her uncle to find her. But he has not given up and her husband hasn't either.

Their is some kind of parade in her town where her husband and her uncle attend and the confrontation occurred. Don't remember the details. But it was a happy ending all around. Except for the uncle that is. Can you help me find it. My email address is sweetpblack yhoo. I am looking for a book that was about a Hispanic male that was released from either jail or prison, and came home to help raise his little brother. His mother had passed away while he was in prison. I'm looking for a book I read as a kid! Okay so here's what I know. It's a kids book kind of, like I read it when I was a kid.

It had a brother and sister who at one point I think the beginning are in a museum and a teapot is somehow significant. In the end they find a missing will that a lady was trying to hide. There's a skeleton in a raincoat involved but idk if it was the cover or what please help! I first read the book on Wattpad almost 7 years ago, but I'm pretty sure it was in the process of being published, so I figured it'd be worth a shot to check here. The story was about a woman who lived in a fantasy land where a certain numbers of years of charity work was required by the law and the world was divided into cultures by land, sea and air.

If I remember correctly, a man from the air was brought up on her beach by a young mermaid and she had to care for him.