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Dead Reckoning — Of note is one particular scene that plays opposite of our typical expectations for Bogart as he sits and listens to a nightclub singer. You can read my original write up of the film here. Running on little sleep and next to no time,Ferguson and his right hand man, Captain Frank Nelson Roy Roberts , are suddenly faced with a ticking clock.

Ferguson has to be in court within eight hours, and his main piece of evidence against the ringleader of a hit man crew is no longer breathing. You can read the rest of the entries here.

Barton MacLane is a memorable guy. Large, gruff, and generally projecting a face that makes you assume that his stomach has been sour for several hours, MacLane was a staple tough guy in Hollywood films and television for five decades. Yes, he played college football, but did you also know that he could play the violin? Regardless of how you might know Barton MacLane, the one thing I know for sure is that he was never miscast in a Bogie film. Prison Guard or Conman. MacLane elevated every film he starred in with his commanding presence and his well-honed acting skills.

Plus, he and Bogart were both Christmas babies!


Bullets or Ballots — Robinson into a life of crime after a scandalous dismissal from the police force. Definitely my favorite MacLane role on this list. You can read my original post on the film here. Prisoners should be put in their places, forcefully, the moment that they step out of line. You can read the rest of the write ups here. To be fair, there are more than one of those little beauties out there. Sydney Greenstreet marred one with his pen knife for the film. Several extras were made of varying weights for backups. Bogart supposedly even dropped one and dented the tail.

Nearly the original budget of the film. A film that is in my Top 5 Bogie favorites! How could I have been so blind?

This is where it all began. Will they never learn? All Through the Night — Is that enough time to have slipped in a cameo? What are the odds? I know, I know. You can read my original post on the film here! You can read the other entries here. The son of a leather merchant, Sydney Greenstreet spent some time working in both the tea industry and a brewery before finally finding his calling on the stage in England as the villain in an adaption of a Sherlock Holmes play.

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Did they really base the character of The Kingpin from Daredevil comics on Greenstreet? What an incredible film debut! A villain who so believably loves life while committing dastardly crimes at the same time is the best kind of bad guy a film could ever hope for. Greenstreet also reprised his role numerous times for radio adaptions of the film, which you can check out here and here. In This Our Life — Whether the scene was cut out from the film or just a hoax to begin with, none of them are visible. Is the film still worth a watch?

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Bette Davis is always worth spending an evening with! Across the Pacific — Greenstreet plays the cagey Dr. Lorenz , a passenger who seems to have untoward intentions as he shares an oceanic voyage with Bogart and Mary Astor. What I really loved about Greenstreet here is that his character is an incredibly wealthy world traveler, meaning Greenstreet is dressed to the nines and drenched with a slightly more authentic sophistication than he was in The Maltese Falcon. Any classic Bogart film has at least one drunk Bogie scene in it. Adding Greenstreet into the mix just makes it all the better!

Greenstreet reprised his role for a radio adaption , and you can read my original write up on the film here. Whenever I consider this film from memory, Bogart and Greenstreet always seem like enemies. Passage to Marseille — Greenstreet plays French officer Major Duval, who happens to be traveling on a boat with a number of recently escaped french convicts trying to get to England as word breaks that Germany now occupies France.

Greenstreet plays psychologist Dr.


How great is it to not only see Greenstreet play a good guy in a Bogart film, but to see them actually chum around a bit before things get tense? Greenstreet is so good as the warm and gregarious Dr. Hamilton that you just want to give the big guy a hug. Definitely a must see collaboration between Bogart and Greenstreet! You can find the rest of the posts here. Born and raised in Quincy, Illinois, Mary Astor was groomed by her parents from a very early age to be a star.

It only took a series of beauty pageants to get her noticed by a Hollywood agent who signed her to a contract that had her doing bit parts in silent films starting at the age of only fourteen. After slowly building up to a solid and very successful career, Astor seemed to peak in when she won an Oscar for her role in The Great Lie , the same year that she appeared in the cinema classic The Maltese Falcon alongside of Humphrey Bogart.

What I loved about her two films with Bogart was the way that she was able to distinguish two characters that, at first glance, seem to share so much in common. One is a sultry, dangerous, femme fatale. And to be honest, this whole write up is just an excuse to post the pic below from Across the Pacific. If I ever bumped into that gal on a boat and the only other man aboard was Sydney Greenstreet — well, it quickly becomes apparent how easily someone could fall for Astor in real life or on screen.

According to a few different bios and websites, Director Huston had Astor run around the set before takes in order to lend a constant breathless quality to her performance. After re-watching this film for the umpteenth time, I have to say that it certainly seems to be true and it works well for her performance. I saw this one before Across the Pacific , and I have to admit that it took me a few viewings of Pacific to forgive her for the way that she treats Bogart in Falcon.

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  • Astor also reprised her role as Brigid on a few different radio broadcasts alongside of Bogart and Greenstreet. Directed by John Huston, rumor had it that Bogart, Astor, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, and a few others had appeared in the movie as background players for a scene to add a little in-joke for Falcon fans. Whether the scene was cut from the film, or just a hoax to begin with, none of them are visible.

    What a race career it turned out to be in all she contested 13 Group race finals and notched 41 wins, 12 seconds and five thirds from 68 starts. At on her beloved home track at Breakfast Creek, Bogie Leigh won 29 races, with five seconds and two thirds, from 38 starts. Her personal best was Bogie Leigh raced for the last time in an emotional farewell fit for a queen at Albion Park on December 16, She was chasing a fairytale ending to her illustrious career - a tilt at a second consecutive Group 1 Brisbane Cup.

    And it was almost a dream finale - she finished second, beaten two and a quarter lengths, to NSW star Malfoy. After being runner-up the year before she was also runner-up in the AGRA Greyhound of the Year an award many thought she should have won. At all times throughout the journey trainer Tony Brett seemed to have a permanent beaming smile on his face and he endeared himself to all he met regardless of the which state of the country he was in. Not far behind on most occasions were Les, Sandy and Fleur the whole team were a credit to their great champion.

    Like the mighty careers of the superstars of yesteryear, greyhounds that reach the class of Bogie Leigh enjoy an outstanding public adulation richly dissevered for consistent deeds at the highest level. Bogie Leigh's final chapter most certainly will be as a brood bitch but that's for later, for now she takes her rightful place in the AGRA Hall of Fame. To say Les was hooked by now is understating the fact.