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It is a very great strength. Because if we have our weaknesses, we also have strengths.

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Stories and Testimonials about Tired of ManipulatorsHello it's been almost 3 years that I'm with a girl, she is 8 years older than me, At first she was adorable even too much, I'm wary already since the beginning! Flee me I follow you, follow me I flee: The methodHow do you understand the behavior of a person who tends to run away when you get closer and vice versa? How to analyze the famous saying 'Am I fleeing you, flee me I am you' in all your relationships? I did think a portion of the principles explained in the book are routine sense, on the other hand found that could be easy for an individual to react quickly to conflicts.

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I bought a few books that I believe to answer the questions in my mind. So, I started using this one. I will have discovered this book years ago. This content is indeed interesting.