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Jasper, Rose's twin, had spent most of the evening keeping all of his firefighter buddies away from his little sister. Jazz was hilarious trying to keep Newton and Hunter away from her. Poor girl, she has had to keep her dates a secret from both of them. Not that she gets many. Those two guys have intimidated any man that even speaks her name. I'll get you set up and then see you back here on Monday morning. Edward followed his dad out and picked up his gear as Carlisle showed him a place to stow everything. He introduced him to some of the guys on the crew that he didn't know.

He couldn't wait to get settled in and back to work. We have to get Emily over to Charlie's and then to Felix's. Jasper and Alice are meeting us there. Keep your pantyhose on. Are you ready to go see Grandpa? Bear and leaped into his arms. Emmett carried her down the stairs and handed her to Rose as he bent down to pick up her overnight bag.

After placing Emily in her booster seat, Rose climbed in and thought about her little sister. Bella was her half-sister. When she and Jasper's father died they had only been two.

Helplessly, Hopelessly

Their mother Renee had struggled raising twins on her own until she met Charlie Swan. Renee had always said it was love at first sight. They had been married and by the time that Rose was five, Bella had been born. She loved her sister and had carried her around the house and played with her like a doll. Charlie had doted on both his girls. Rose had never felt like a step-daughter. To her and Jasper, Charlie was their father. Emmett pulled into the driveway and Rose got out getting Emily from her seat.

She laughed as her daughter ran to where her Grandpa was waiting on the porch. She giggled when his mustache tickled her. You and Emmett go enjoy yourself. If you see your sister, tell her I expect all of you here on Sunday for dinner. Bella walked into Felix's at quarter to eight. She wasn't surprised to see the place almost packed.

Helplessly, Hopelessly

She spotted her brother and sister-in-law at a table and waved as she ducked under the bar. You think I could talk you into singin' tonight? The house band is here. You know how much Demetri loves it when you sing with 'em. She walked to her brother's table and smiled when she saw Em and Rose and joined them.

What can I get ya? Just bring us a pitcher of whatever is on tap. Bring an extra glass too, please. Be back in a minute. Ducking back under the bar she noticed her ex walk in. She couldn't hide her groan. Bella just pointed, as Jake made his way over to the bar. Bella filled her order and grabbed a tray. She stuck everything on it and then headed back over to her family's table. She met Rose's eye and did a head nod in Jake's direction letting her know that he was here.

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Rose nodded once and picked up her beer that Jasper had poured her. Bella wandered from table to table, getting drink orders and laughing with a few of the regulars. She had just made it back to the bar when Jake cornered her. You know Felix doesn't like it when you come in already drunk.

Helplessly, Hopelessly by JESSICA ANDREWS

Felix came around the bar and grabbed Jacob's arm. I told you next time you came in here and harassed Bella, you'd be out. Now get out of my bar, you're not welcome anymore. Bella went back to the bar and told Felix that Em wanted some beer-battered fries. Felix nodded and headed to the kitchen. Bella had just filled the pitcher and was halfway to the table when she heard Demetri and the rest of the band start in on her signature song. She set down the pitcher and smiled as she walked to the stage. Edward had just joined the table when Bella brought out another pitcher.

He heard the house band start up some music and Bella headed for the stage. He looked at Jasper, "Is she going to sing?

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When the final notes drained away and Bella hopped off the stage, Edward and the rest of the bar began whistling and clapping. He watched as her cheeks turned an amazing shade of pink. Felix and Demetri usually back her into a corner or give her no choice. Demetri saw her and started the music, knowing she wouldn't let him down. She'll probably do it one more time before the night is over.

Edward looked over to where Bella was laughing at a table with another group of firemen. They were from one of the other stations. Edward didn't understand the pang of jealousy that he felt. Bella breathed a sigh of relief when Felix called last call. She began wiping down abandoned tables and pocketing her tips. She laughed when she saw some of the folded napkins with names and numbers on them. Every weekend the same guys came in and hit on her. She was amazed that they were still walking, with Emmett and Jasper around.

She and Bella had been college roommates.

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Bella had brought her home on one of their breaks where she met Jasper. It was all over for both of them and they had been inseparable ever since. Don't start playing the over protective brother now. It's only a couple of blocks. Jasper eyeballed his sister and Emmett joined in.

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  • I still have some stuff to do. Go sit at the bar if you want, I can get you another beer. Bella hugged her family as Edward said goodbye. He said he would see them all on Monday. He followed her over to the bar where he perched on a stool as Bella poured him a drink. Bella wiped down all the tables and stacked the dirty glasses in the pass through so Felix could add them to the wash.

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