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The main intention was carried out, which was to combine the work of the dancer with the words of the production and the responses of the audience. The present rhymer has no ambitions as a stage manager. The Poem Game idea, in its rhythmic picnic stage, is recommended to amateurs, its further development to be on their own initiative. Informal parties might divide into groups of dancers and groups of chanters.

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And the author of this book would certainly welcome the tragic dance, if Miss Dougherty will gather a company about her and go forward, using any acceptable poems, new or old. Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydon is perhaps the most literal and rhythmic example of the idea we have in English, though it may not be available when tried out. The main revolution necessary for dancing improvisers, who would go a longer way with the Poem Game idea, is to shake off the Isadora Duncan and the Russian precedents for a while, and abolish the orchestra and piano, replacing all these with the natural meaning and cadences of English speech.

The work would come closer to acting, than dancing is now conceived. It gives his first adventures afoot. He carried on these trips his poems: He recited them in exchange for food and lodging. He left copies for those who appeared interested. The book is a record of these journeys, and of many pleasing discoveries about American Democracy. He was much more experienced in the road. Further particulars in the pages following.

In the readings which Vachel Lindsay has given for colleges, universities, etc. He carries in memory all the poems in his books, and recites the program made out for him; the wonderful effect of sound produced by his lines, their relation to the idea which the author seeks to convey, and their marvelous lyrical quality are quite beyond the ordinary, and suggest new possibilities and new meanings in poetry. It is his main object to give his already established friends a deeper sense of the musical intention of his pieces.

The book contains the much discussed "War Poem," "Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight"; it contains among its familiar pieces: Lindsay received the Levinson Prize for the best poem contributed to Poetry, a magazine of verse, Chicago for Vachel Lindsay for the task which he seems to have set himself. This book contains among other verses: No American poet of to-day is more a people's poet. This is a series of happening afoot while reciting at back-doors in the west, and includes some experiences while harvesting in Kansas.

It includes several proclamations which apply the Gospel of Beauty to agricultural conditions. There are, among other rhymed interludes:. Vachel Lindsay took a walk from his home in Springfield, Ill. He was in Kansas in wheat-harvest time and he worked as a farmhand, and he tells all about that. He tells about his walks and the people he met in a little book, "Adventures while Preaching the Gospel of Beauty. And he did it.

Homespun Verses by Grandma Pearl

People liked his pieces, and tramp farmhands with rough necks and rougher hands left off singing smutty limericks and took to "Atlanta in Calydon" apparently because they preferred it. Of motor cars, which gave him a lift, he says: Lindsay doesn't need to write verse to be a poet. His prose is poetry—poetry straight from the soil, of America that is, and of a nobler America that is to be. You cannot afford—both for your entertainment and for the real idea that this young man has of which we have said nothing — to miss this book.

An effort to apply the Gospel of Beauty to a new art. The first section has an outline which is proposed as a basis for photoplay criticism in America; chapters on: Articles by Randolph S. Chinese nightingale and other poems Vachel Lindsay. And the joss in the corner stirred again;. The walls fell back, night was aflower,. My heart was filled with marvel and dream,. And the lady, rosy-red,. And this gray bird, on that day of spring,. Chang turned not to the lady slim—.

The great gray joss on a rustic shelf,. Then the lady, rosy-red,. And now the joss broke in with his song:. Then this did the noble lady say:. Then sang the bird, so strangely gay,. Who can surrender to Christ, dividing his best with the stranger,. Who can surrender to Christ? Many have yearned toward it daily.

Where is the man so transcendent,. Written with the hope that the socialists might yet dethrone Kaiser and Czar. Here's to the mice that scare the lions,. Here's to the seeming accident. When Bryan speaks, the bunting glows. When Bryan speaks, the wigwam shakes.

When Bryan speaks, the sky is ours,. When Bryan speaks, then I rejoice. Appearing in the Chicago Herald, May 11, Lady of Light, speak, though you speak alone,. Though the widening battle of millions and millions of men. When the smoke-clouds break,. Ah, he is taller than clouds of the little earth. Wearing his peasant dress, his head bent low,. I Peace-of-the-Heart, my own for long,. This is the tale of the Tiger Tree. This is my city Springfield,.

This is the wonder of twilight:. II The gray king died in his hour. Thus came that genius insane:. And had you not been an enchantress.

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You made a white fire of The Leaf. Then came the black-mammoth chief:. III "Beware of the trumpeting swine,". IV This is the tale of the Tiger Tree. We marched to the mammoths,. The drunken cats came in their joy. Then we ate of the ravening Leaf. V This was the end of the battle. A peacock screamed of his beauty. This is my vision in Springfield:. Fitzgerald, Edith Cavell memorial nurse, going to the front. Your fine white hand is Heaven's gift. Your white hand is a prophecy,. Each desperate burning brain you soothe,. I Powhatan was conqueror,.

Her skin was rosy copper-red. II She heard the forest talking,. On Adams street and Jefferson —. III We here renounce our Saxon blood. She sings of lilacs, maples, wheat,. The women buy their lace and cry: Within the town of Buffalo. The shaggy meaning of her name. The journalists are sick of ink:. Above the town a tiny bird,. II What marching men of Buffalo. For she is there in armor clad, today,. Which of our freemen did she greet the first,. Mark Twain, our Chief, with neither smile nor jest,. The Yankee to King Arthur's court returns.

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For she has called his soul from out the tomb. This new-and-selected Field's sixteenth ebook of verse total indicates that his virtues—and limits—have remained constant all through. At his most sensible box is direct, likable, modest, fascinating, a storyteller: At below his top, Field's unadorned type could make him sound predictable: Irreplaceable within the historical past of homosexual American writing, box helped invent many of the attitudes and the subgenres which are now in universal use. If lots of Field's personal poems now appear flat and dated, sufficient nonetheless look clean to provide critical power to this ebook.

The windmill's hard work is contingent upon the elements, upon what air lots, at any given time, overlie its panorama. Anticipatory in temper, climate Eye Open adopts the logo of the windmill, looking what Merleau-Ponty calls the "inspiration and expiration of Being. Like open sails, the perceiver ushers the elements interior, changing one movement, the wind, to a different, the grinding burrstones.

The poems during this assortment pursue an analogous transmutation via language, a staying open to its numerous climate and even if structures. For Sarah Gridley, language moves on the "X" of expertise: By admin on Friday, December 9, By John Ashbery A set of poems that bear in mind, of their robust ameliorations of language, the instant of readability that arrives upon waking from a dream.

Initially released in , this bilingual anthology represents the energy, variety, and originality with which the Symbolist circulate used to be grafted in Belgium. This pleasant tale is like a little copse This pleasant tale is like a little copse. To Leigh Hunt, Esq. Glory and loveliness have passed away;. On Seeing the Elgin Marbles My spirit is too weak — mortality.

On The Story of Rimini Who loves to peer up at the morning sun,.

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On the sea It keeps eternal whisperings around. Unfelt, unheard, unseen Unfelt, unheard, unseen,. Hither, hither, love Hither, hither, love —.

You say you love; but with a voice You say you love; but with a voice. The Gothic looks solemn The Gothic looks solemn,. Think not of it, sweet one, so Think not of it, sweet one, so; —. Apollo to the Graces Apol. Which of the fairest three. O blush not so! O blush not so O blush not so! Hence burgendy, claret, and port Hence burgundy, claret, and port,. God of the Meridian God of the meridian,. Lines on the Mermaid Tavern Souls of poets dead and gone,.


Time's sea hath been five years at its slow ebb Time's sea hath been five years at its slow ebb;. To the Nile Son of the old moon-mountains African! Spenser, a jealous honorer of thine Spenser! O thou whose face hath felt the winter's wind O thou whose face hath felt the winter's wind,. Extracts from an Opera O! O, I am frighten'd with most hateful thoughts Oh, I am frighten'd with most hateful thoughts! Song The stranger lighted from his steed,.

O sleep a little while white pearl Asleep! Four seasons fill the measure of the year Four seasons fill the measure of the year;. Where be ye going, you Devon maid Where be ye going, you Devon maid? Over the hill and over the dale Over the hill and over the dale,. O that a week could be an age, and we.

To Homer Standing aloof in giant ignorance,. Give me your patience sister while I frame. Sweet, sweet is the greeting of eyes Sweet, sweet is the greeting of eyes,. On Visiting the Tomb of Burns The town, the churchyard, and the setting sun,. Old Meg she was a gipsey Old Meg she was a gipsey,. There was a naughty bay There was a naughty boy,. To Ailsa Rock Hearken, thou craggy ocean pyramid! This mortal body of a thousand days This mortal body of a thousand days.

All gentle folks who owe a grudge All gentle folk who owe a grudge.


Of late two dainties were before me plac'd Of late two dainties were before me plac'd. There is a joy in footing slow across a silent plain There is a charm in footing slow across a silent plain,. Not Aladdin magian Not Aladdin magian. Read me a lesson, Muse, and speak it loud Read me a lesson, Muse, and speak it loud.

Upon my life, Sir Nevis,I am piqu'd Mrs. Upon my life Sir Nevis I am pique'd. Fragment of a Castle-builder Nature withheld cassandra in the skies,. And what is Love? Fancy Ever let the Fancy roam,. Bards of passion and of mirth Bards of passion and of mirth,. Spirit here that reignest Spirit here that reignest! I had a dove, and the sweet dove died I had a dove and the sweet dove died;. The Eve of St. Agnes' Eve — Ah, bitter chill it was!